The Companions

This is basically a guitar collection, numbering (at this moment, at a quarter to four on a Sunday) forty-nine keepers and twenty-two who have passed through.

Even so, the conscious collecting actually started with some Turkish percussion and stringed instruments, before expanding to a drum kit and eventually, the Joe Pass and amp. To make my own brand of music I found I needed some extra sounds besides guitar, especially the percussive beats not necessarily heard on a drum kit. To day, I still see myself as a performing percussionist more than a guitarist. I am not the one you call upon to «play some Dylan» on a guitar – I can improvise, but not carry the tune. On perc, however, I’ll sit in with anybody.

So, «strings and skins» consist the backbone of these acquisitions.

I had piano lessons when I was about six. I even composed a piece of music at that tender age – Mozart I was not. But I knew the essentials of moving around on a keyboard, having somehow unwittingly discovered the pentatonic scale by playing the black keys only, and I found that my playing on (42) actually worked.

Here are strings and skins, and keys, and mainly unplayed reeds.


Moving away from guitars, there are numerous friends that deserve mention. Welcome to step ten.